Starting Line



Philippines is made of 7 641 islands, 16 regions, and 82 provinces. I wonder how I can enjoy traveling in the Philippines if im under a tight budget. At the age of 12 I really love watching travel shows like Trip na trip, Byahe ni drew, Kapuso mo Jessica Soho (summer edition), Born to be wild and such other travel or nature trips. I keep on wondering how I can go to those places all by my self or how i can get there.

Its not easy to plan a trip to somewhere. Its hard to budget if you only have a few savings but then again with my busy world i still need to take a rest and need to enjoy life before settling in the near future. Aint bad to dream traveling around the Philippines before 27. Join me as I start traveling in my own little way and how can I survive traveling on a budget.

Let`s start changing my action plan instead of me spending eating unhealthy foods and adding vices. Why dont go on a diet start saving and travel more to enjoy life.


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