Saving tips for your getaways

Saving tips for your trips

  • Plan your trips ahead of time – Yes something I learned from my previous trips. Planning is one of the most important thing that you should know before traveling. Need to know where to go, how much you need, what are the things you can do during your trip and when is the best time to go there.
  • Save- Since you already plan ahead of time you need to save for you to enjoy your trip without a hassle. Not thinking that you’ll be short in the mid of your trip. Everyone would agree saving atleast 500-1000 pesos or  less from your pay out before your said trip will keep your worries away.
  • Bring food with you – Yes while your on the road you can bring your own baon/food so that instead of you starving and waiting for the stop overs atleast your eating something heathy and clean that can fill out your hunger while on a trip.
  • Eat something local- Instead of you eating in a restaurant or any fast food chain why dont you try eating in a karenderia/turo-turo or a tusok-tusok. Since here in the Philippines we have variety of streetfoods, you can definitely enjoy your trip on a low cost. Example you have 30 pesos you can enjoy 15pesos of kwek-kwek, 5pesos of kikiam, 5pesos of fishball and 5pesos of sago’t gulaman. Mura na nag enjoy at nabusog ka pa. 
  • Walk- There are places on your trip that are near to each other. Try to walk.. Atleast something healthy and will definitely helps you to boost your stamina.
  • A trip with friends or family- It will cut the cost of your expenses if you for a trip in a group.
  • Lessen your expensive coffee- Guilty. Yes I love drinking coffee with friends then i realize i need to lessen drinking coffee instead save my money for my trips. Anyways traveling is an investment too. 


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