Facts about female solo travel

1. RESEARCH on the place where you are going to.

Google will be your best friend along the way. You should search on how to go there, best place to eat or stay, how to get along with the culture or what are the laws etc. 

2. Be vigillant. 

Dont trust anybody too quickly but avoid being paranoid. Too good to be true. I used to trust people quickly but it always depend on my instict and how the conversation with the people you’re going to talk to. Thank God I always meet good set of people along my travel.

3. Always make sure your family will be informed on where you are going to. 

Yeah most of the time this are the mini arguements that my parents use to do whenever I travel. My parents are so over protective even my brothers. Yes because they love me and they care for me. Sometimes I tend to bend the rules. Yeah but at the end of the day I’ll make sure before I left the house I’d always assure them that I’m safe and I can make it.

4. Always have a back up plan. 

If plan A goes wrong atleast you have something to back you up.

5. Have emergency money. 

Self explanatoy.

6. Plan. 

  We need to plan on what we really want to do. Use your time wisely.

7. Enjoy! 

Live life to the fullest.


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