this 2017…

Happy New Year! 

As we enter the year of the Rooster we have lots of myth that the year would be tough. But there are still lots of things that we can do to make the year better. Something that you can do differently.

If last year was not your year, we have 2017 for improvements.

  • Work hard- for us to enjoy the world we need to work harder and make sure to keep our jobs. Proven and tested. 
  • Save- as a solo traveler its a must that you have budget for your trips. Now if you have some excess keep it and use it on your next trip.
  • Travel- as we travel we need to know what kind of place we are going to. Need to imerse with people around you, so as you learn you also share a piece of you with them.
  • Inpire: lets be an advocate of “leave no trace” and “save our planet” not only for our good but also for others future. 😉

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