Something better for 2017

If you really want to learn something you’ll do everything. You’ll die poor if you dont know how to save and trying new things.

Yes! Out of no where this came up to my mind. Looking for some modules to read so that while im at home im also learning things. While working atleast im adding additional skills. Im totally hooked up with different things as of now. Hooked up with saving, learning, and traveling. Just like my bucketlist i want to inspire people around me. So just keep on striving i know i can make it happen. 

You can vissit

There’s no reason for you to say no its free online modules. ๐Ÿ™‚

this 2017…

Happy New Year! 

As we enter the year of the Rooster we have lots of myth that the year would be tough. But there are still lots of things that we can do to make the year better. Something that you can do differently.

If last year was not your year, we have 2017 for improvements.

  • Work hard- for us to enjoy the world we need to work harder and make sure to keep our jobs. Proven and tested. 
  • Save- as a solo traveler its a must that you have budget for your trips. Now if you have some excess keep it and use it on your next trip.
  • Travel- as we travel we need to know what kind of place we are going to. Need to imerse with people around you, so as you learn you also share a piece of you with them.
  • Inpire: lets be an advocate of “leave no trace” and “save our planet” not only for our good but also for others future. ๐Ÿ˜‰

Christmas is over..

12:55 am December 26, 2016

Im happy for them. I dont have Christmas. I see people giving gifts to each other. They eat together and share stories. Family gatherings left and right. Thats how they celebrate Christmas. I just wonder why only during Christmas season we share love? Why cant we do it all year round?

I just wonder also why i didnt publish this haha.. ๐Ÿ™‚ 

Resort Safari:My road trip to 24!

Celebrated my 24th bday in Laguna with friends. Its my second time spending birthday with them. So glad and thankful to my friends who’s always there at my weakest times.

It was a dream come true. Celebrating bday with my friends with happy people and happy songs overnight without any sleep. Great bonding with people.

Good place though quite tough. Pretty steep road to the resort. Far from any local store so once you’ll go there you should bring everything you need like food and beverages. Highly advice to go there in a group and make sure you have your own utensils.

A place where you can swim, sing a song, stay overnight and do other stuff with your squad. Good place for birthday parties, team buildings and family gatherings.

Happy 24th! Not young any more..

Shali’s Bucketlist

1. Travel to 81 provinces of the Philippines

2. Go to different unspoiled beaches in the Philippines

3. Climb at least 1 mountain per year

4. Be stuck in an island

5. Be a promoter of clean environment

6. Learn how to travel alone

7. Learn how to live with the locals on a certain place

8. Be a role model

9. Canyoneering

10. Save for my future travel and plan ahead of time.
I was able to achieve some of my bucketlist already. I guess I just need to stick on my plan and goals as a traveler ๐Ÿ™‚ I KNOW I CAN DO IT ALL BY MY SELF!

Bato Spring

After a month na nag resign ako sa first company na pinagtrabahuhan ko, I and my old but goodies friends planed to have a trip somewhere out of the Metro. Yung malayo sa trabaho pero malapit sa Manila mga tipong 2-3 hrs trip lang from Manila. Medyo kuripot kame. Ganon ata talaga kameng magkakaibigan mga may kanya-kanya kase kaming responsibilidad. Yung iba pamilyado, iba breadwinner tulad ko at yung iba sadyang kuripot para makapag ipon pa din.

Ate Irene of my sisters in TP suggested Bato Springs. At first I thought its the Bato-bato hot springs in Los Baรฑos, Laguna so I told the group “Ayos para sa mga rayuma ng mga matatanda”.. She laugh at me and answered back.. “liit di tayo sa hot spring.. malamig tubig don”.. nanahimik ako. Waiting til the day na nagkita-kita kame.

So this is it pansit.. We’re 10 pax when we went there. Ride a bus going Lucena in DLTB fare is around 130+/per pax/one way (its 4yrs ago sorry i cant really remember whats the exact ammount but i guess same price range pa din sa pamasahe). Di namen alam yung eksaktong street so nagpababa na lang kame sa kundoktor sa Bato Springs. Sabay muestra ng kundoktor na sasakay pa kame ng tricycle pag baba.

Ok.. babaan time. Antay na ng tricycle na mag dadala samin sa Bato Springs. 150 ang isang tricycle. Kumuha kame ng 2 tricycle. Himalang nag kasya kame sa 2 tricycle. Kahit medyo may mga kalakihan sila at ako lang ang payat samin.

Alright! Finally.. Swiming time! Umuwi sina ate Irene at 6 pa kaming natira so we spent the rest of the day and night at the resort. We enjoyed our overnight stay. Natapos ang maghapon namin ng kakakain dahil may baon kame, videoke, inuman at kwentuhan. Nung wala na kaming mapag usapan natulog kami ng very light. Wake up time 5am. We started exploring the place. Best time to explore the place in the morning. Wala masyadong tao sa pool. Wala kang kaagaw sa lugar. Sakto rin para mag brisk walk sa paligid at magswimming sa malamig na tubig na tamang tama sa mainit na panahon. Panalo para mag bonding, relax at mag enjoy tuwing tag init.

Budget:per head for our overnight stay

  • 130 bus fare x2 (papunta at pabalik)=260
  • 150 tricycle (150รท5= 30)x2=60
  • Entrance 125
  • 1room cottage na may lamesa sa baba for dining 1500 (2 big beds kasya naman kaming anim with small cr infairness) the room is good for 4-6 pax // รท6=250

So total of 695pesos not bad for you to enjoy natural cold spring water of Bato Spring offers. A very good summer getaway. Ayaw namin mababad sa araw kaya nag overnight kami since we went there after ng shift nila ng hapon. A very good place to go. Tahimik, mura, more on nature connection, easy access malapit kase sa Manila. Di ka na lugi kung bonding ang habol mo.

A few pictures of the place: